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@Jen_Derbyshire May 24, 18:42

Kids party in Teddington to raise funds for @LucyAAC AMAZING Raffle Prizes to be won, Bouncy Castle, Face Painting,…

@JempsonSMT May 24, 16:13

If you see one of these @FallowDeerCafe simplyskin_ @TeddingtonPools pls #donate to help us…

@Pistachioverte May 22, 21:27

@FallowDeerCafe @UKChange Signed and thanks for making our afternoon a lovely one. 😘#bestcustomerservice

@FallowDeerCafe May 21, 16:34

@Jen_Derbyshire Hello! You can get us on x

@1of1DesignUK May 21, 10:06

Looking for unique #weddinggifts ? Pop @LandmarkArts today #Art Fair @Teddington_Town after coffee @flying_cafe the…

@MallardPlace May 20, 16:08

@FallowDeerCafe #Teddington busy as usual. Thank you for another fantastic brunch 😊😊

@FallowDeerCafe May 20, 10:08

Morning chaps! If anyone's trying to get us on the phone it's not working this morning so please pop us a tweet or email! X

@1of1DesignUK May 20, 08:46

Lovely day!Thames stroll,coffee @flying_cafe ,Spring ArtFair @LandmarkArts ?Lunch @FallowDeerCafe then check out ou…

@TheGlass_Lass May 20, 08:46

@FallowDeerCafe Done!! Continuing to send love and support from the Northwest but I'll be down to see you all soon!! ☕️🍰

@cfduff May 20, 08:45

please support this fab local business - note this is not the petition, but the new planning application

@MallardPlace May 19, 11:49

#stopthecull Phase2 is on! Please share @FallowDeerCafe comments on @LBRUT planning portal

@Pinkbeauty01 May 19, 11:49

Epic babychino in @FallowDeerCafe #teddington with a super generous sprinkling of chocolate 😋…

@FallowDeerCafe May 18, 10:38

Supper Club!!!! June 10th. All details are on our website 🍾🍷🥂🍽🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

@TeddersDitties1 May 17, 19:37

@FallowDeerCafe All done - antlers crossed!

@LucyCarragher May 17, 13:47

@HolidayinItalia @FallowDeerCafe amazing number of support posts. Someone put objection incorrectly, should be support. Was lovely msg too

@HolidayinItalia May 17, 13:18

@FallowDeerCafe we really do have amazing customers! 👏spent last hr reading messages of support on LBRUT app 17/1755/FUL overwhelmed:)

@The_Local_Card May 17, 11:14

PLS read @FallowDeerCafe UPDATE #letsdothis #lovelocal Further update and a little bit of help needed! via @UKChange

@JempsonSMT May 17, 11:14

Done! Please read and add your support with a comment! #stopthecull

@1of1DesignUK May 17, 09:31

Wet day but warm welcome @Teddington_Town for food & indie shops! Art Sale starts today! @TLTeddington

@1of1DesignUK May 17, 08:35

Bargain hunters-our great art sale starts today. Stupid offers taken on original art #haggle @TLTeddington

@TLTeddington May 17, 07:00

@LucyCarragher @FallowDeerCafe That is not good to hear. In contrast, @woofcoffee RT'd the @FallowDeerCafe petitio…

@FallowDeerCafe May 16, 21:39

@LucyCarragher @TLTeddington I know right!? Ha. Thanks for your support!! Hopefully see you soon x

@FallowDeerCafe May 16, 20:32

Howdy chaps! Please see the update on our petition. All help hugely appreciated! Thanks so much you fantastic bunch

@HolidayinItalia May 16, 13:59

@TLTeddington @FallowDeerCafe @Trumblington @LBRUT Here's hoping they will ! it would be great for life to go back…

@TLTeddington May 16, 13:47

@Trumblington @LBRUT Good to see trees but don't forget >8,000 signatories Waiting to hear if LBRUT will support…

@1of1DesignUK May 15, 10:20

Last few days of Spring Art Show so pop in now after yr @FallowDeerCafe brekkie! @TLTeddington @RaphThomasArt

Item Name Price
Toast, crumpets or muffins £2.80
Greek yoghurt with honey, homemade fruit compote & muesli £3.50
Scottish black pudding with sautéed potatoes and crispy fried egg £7.00
Homemade Rarebit mix on sourdough £4.50
Avocado, chilli & olive oil on sourdough with a poached egg £5.50
Scrambled eggs with chives & smoked salmon with chunky toast £7.00
Omelette with your choice of two fillings £5.50
Eggs, dippy with soldies, scrambled or poached on toast £4.00
Eggs Benedict (ham) £6.50
Eggs Florentine (spinach) £6.50
Eggs Royale (salmon) £7.00
Bacon sandwich on chunky bread with homemade ketchup £4.00
The Full Herd £8.50
The Veggie £7.50
Brie, cranberry, rocket & walnut £5.00
Parma ham, mozzarella & rocket £5.50
Homemade venison/beef burger in brioche bun, onion jam, hand cut chips £9.50
Salad of char-grilled free range chicken, crispy parma ham & avocado £9.50
Halloumi, beetroot, avocado & red onion chutney in brioche bun & chips £9.00
Warm goats cheese salad with roasted pepper £8.00
Homemade fish finger sandwich with rocket and tartar source £6.50

About The Fallow Deer

Ahoy there, welcome to The Fallow Deer. Make yourself at home and I'll tell you what we're all about. Sitting comfortably? Splendid stuff. We're an independent family run herd, we use the loveliest of local suppliers like A G Millers butchers around the corner, and the fab bunch at Nude Espresso on Brick Lane. We bake all of our cakes in-house, thanks to our lovely chaps slaving away in the kitchen. Not to mention our big breakfasts, delightful lunches and above booze booze. We have tasty artisan breads and have a selection of gluten free options too.

We've chosen a wine list to suit even the most discerning of tastes and we make a mean cocktail. Try one of our espresso martinis if you need a pick me up! If you're after a bottle of the cold stuff then have a go on one of our carefully chosen craft beers that will change weekly just to keep you on your toes. If you fancy something less boozy, try one of our coffees, we use beans from Nude Espresso on Brick Lane, who make a seriously good blend, and our delicious teas come from the lovely local Teaple Tea. Both as ethical as they come.

Anyway, look at me ranting on when you could be sampling our wares! We're a friendly wee team so ask us anything that you want to know and we're always more than happy to help. We'll be the stylish bunch wearing denim. Tata for now, Mother Deer xx

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Fabulous cocktails, local craft beers and a wine list with a difference, served from 6pm-11pm
6-7pm 2-4-1 prosecco
01 Jan 2015
31 Dec 2015
How to claim
Fabulous cocktails, local craft beers and a wine list with a difference, served from 6pm-11pm